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  • The Law Office IRINA STOIA is a law firm organized and registered according to Romanian law and legally authorized by The Bucharest Bar Association and The National Union of the Romanian Bars.

  • The Law Office IRINA STOIA is able to offer to its clients, legal and natural persons a high juridical assistance in commercial-law, civil-law, labour-law, family-law and also representation in court of justice, public authorities and public notary. Our services are distinctive through maximum attention in solving your legal problems and complete representation. We will always be available to our clients needs.

  • We realize that our clients' success depends critically on the quality of the advisers and this is what makes the difference. The Law Office values each and all of our clients' capabilities, abilities, resources, ideas, goals and hopes much needed to achieve that difference that would enable them to overcome the complexity of doing business in a changing dinamic world.

  • The client can use of our legal advices beginning with a project stage of a contract, when the contract is negotiate till the time when the contract is signed by the parts. The client can benefit of an adequate, competent and immediate assistance.

  • In our activity we take as a guide the following values and ethical standards: juridical services at high professional standards, respecting the taken commitments, mutual trust, respect and absolutely confidentiality. The Law Office bridges its clients' interests and its goals, delivers quality, imposes high standards on the market and grows steadfastly as times goes by.

  • Through our Law Office you have the guaranty and certainty that all the prior procedure before you signed the contract is lawfulness. Therefore all the risks that can occur are taken off and the success of your business is guaranteed.

  • In our activity we take as guide the principle to offer as maximum as it is possible for our clients. We listen there opinions. We have great respect for there property and values. We make sure there rights are observed. But, most of all, we are here to meet our client's legal needs.
  • Our cooperation starts by offering juridical assistance but does not resume into giving a juridical solution we will always be by your side to be sure that you will not be affected anymore by specific problems.
  • We provide personal and efficient service to our client by devoting our knowledge to his targets and adapting our style to his requests.
  • Our services are distinctive throught :

    • High professional competence is to transform the knowledge into value, delivering the best legal solution in order to achieve the success you are seeking, because the success of our clients is an important measure of our success
    • Maximum attention in solving our clients problems delivering practical solution
    • Professional management in administration your causes characterized by the possibility to adapt at different situations that can influence our purposes
    • We will always be available to our clients needs and keep in touch permanent with you that grant a better and pertinent receiving and adjustment by your requests and permit an effective involvement solving your problems
    • We comply the professional secret and the confidentiality of information
    • Costs transparence

  • The goal of our activity is to protect the rights, liberties and legitimitate interests of our clients and to facilitate the access to the useful juridical information.

  • Our duty is to provide for free access to justice and the right for a fair trial, to fight for the protection of the legitimitate rights and freedoms of our clients through all the means specific to the lawyer's profession to offer legal practical solutions, alternatives and options meant to resolve our client's issues in a timely manner.
  • Therefore, the main goal of the IRINA STOIA Law Office activity is to support the legal and natural persons by offering a high professional legal advices and court representation having approachable fees, fees that are the result of the direct negotiation with the clients.
  • We want to form and maintain lasting business relationship rely mainly on our active involvement and on the highest efficiency legal advices winning the respect and the faith of our clients.

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